Carr Beck

Carr Beck is a 'wet hostel' service that provides accommodation and support for women age 16 and over who choose to continue to drink. 

Aims and Objectives

The aims of the service are:
  • To support women dependent drinkers with individual packages of care and support.
  • To enable our clients to regain independence, self-esteem and dignity.


The service consists of a variety of furnished accommodation that encompasses a hostel and single tenancies all in South Leeds.
Carr Beck Hostel – Comprises of six self contained flats each containing a bedroom, bathroom and open plan kitchen/ living area. Two of the flats are on the ground floor of the building and one of these is fully adapted for disabled living. The hostel also has communal facilities that consist of a kitchen, lounge, disabled bathroom and stair lift.


The Community Properties- consist of six self contained furnished flats. These properties are for alcohol dependent women who do not need the intensive support provided in the hostel.

Support Services

A primary aim of the scheme is to help clients to regain independence, self esteem and dignity with a strong focus on harm reduction. A holistic approach is taken to clients’ needs that focuses on reducing the harmful effects associated with alcohol consumption. In recognition that many referrals have multiple needs we will provide wide-ranging practical support from assisting with shopping and cooking, budgeting and improving life skills to expanding their social networks.
Each resident is assigned a key worker and co-key worker who will complete a comprehensive assessment of needs and coordinate the development of personal support plan within the first weeks from move in. Thereafter in order for us to provide a good level of support an assigned scheme worker will seek to meet with a client at least once a week for key work meetings which are used to help achieve the goals of the support plan. The client will also sign and receive a copy of all these documents. A recent development is that the service also provides outreach support in certain circumstances to women who are referred to the scheme but are on our waiting list due to there being no vacancies. 

Staff and Management

The service is staffed by a Scheme Manager, Housing Support Workers and a Housekeeper.  A 24 hour cover is provided at the scheme by Support Workers working day shifts and sleep-in shifts.

Working in Partnership

Whilst our staff have expert knowledge regarding addictions they seek to work closely with social services, detoxification services, health services, the mental health trust and other specialist services in order that our clients receive holistic support. We are continually seeking to improve our relationships with other agencies and would be happy to come and speak about Carr Beck to staff in your organisation.


Please contact the scheme for a referral form or click here to download it. Please contact the service for a referral form or download one from Leeds Housing Concern’s website. On receipt of a completed referral form an interview will be arranged so as to assess in more detail what that person’s support needs are and to give the client information about the service. We aim to respond to referrals within two days and to come to a decision within seven days of completing the assessment.Where a referral request has been refused and the applicant or their referrer is not satisfied with the reasons given, they have the right to appeal the decision.

Contact Details

Postal Address: 32 Lingwell Grove, Leeds, LS10 4BS
Referrals / General Enquiries: 0113 271 7295
Fax: 0113 277 5811
Senior Manager: Jenn Bravo
Scheme Manager: Kay Stewart