What is the service?

The Flagship Partnership (Foundation, Leeds Housing Concern and Gipsil) provides accommodation and move on floating support services for young people, aged 16-25 years in Leeds.  LHC operates Flagship from 2 areas.
Flagship South (formerly known as YPP) - provides accommodation in Beeston, Hunslet and Holbeck areas of Leeds.
Flagship North East (formerly known as Sojourner)-offers supported housing in the Chapeltown and harehills area with 10 bed spaces specifically desginated for the use of young black people.

Who is the service for?

  • Men or Women aged between 16-25
  • Single people not seeking to live with a partner.
  • Homeless or otherwise in housing need.
  • Pregnant teenagers in need of support.

How can I get the service?

Referrals are accepted from a wide range of voluntary and statutory organisations, however priority is given to referrals from the Emergency Tier of Supporting People services. Clients are not normally expected to need the service for longer than 6 months. If appropriate an interview is arranged where staff explore more in-depth areas of concern.
When a young person is accepted onto the scheme they are notified within 24 hours if possible and a suitable date for moving in is arranged.

How accessible is the service?

Within the Flagship service we have housed service users with disabilities or we have negotiated facilitation in our other sectors where disable access is not an issue. We will endeavour to accommodate client needs by using all facilities and accommodation available to us within Flagship.

Who can I contact for more information?

Flagship South Postal Address: 236 Dewsbury Road, Leeds LS11 6ER
General Enquiries: 0113 277 8883
Fax: 0113 277 5119
Flagship North East: 163 Spencer Place, Leeds, LS7 4DX
General Enquiries: 0113 262 7271
Fax: 0113 219 5956
Scheme Manager: Anand Sharda
Senior Manager: Jocelyn Bass