Men's Scheme

Men's Sector provides supported housing for 61 single homeless men. In addition to being homeless the men have support needs that may include an offending background, problems with alcohol and/or drugs, or a background of rough sleeping.

Aims and objectives

The aims of the service are: 
  •     To provide time limited, high quality fully furnished housing and support
  •     Offering good quality, furnished accommodation in a variety of settings.  
  •     Providing a responsive maintenance service  
  •     Continually making improvements to our housing stock.
  •     The service will work closely with Leeds City Council Housing Options service
Achieved by:
  •     Promoting independent living skills for men aged 16+ who have multiple support needs and addressing the difficulties that relate to being homeless       
  •     Providing links to educational, financial and social skills support   
  •     Providing advice and support to obtain long term independent accommodation and assistance to move on.
  •      Leeds City Council Housing Options service will make placements into Garforth House.


The sector provides a variety of accommodation within Leeds that encompasses:
Cemetery Road: 7 bedsits with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities where clients can occupy for a total of 28 days.    Both Garforth House and Cemetery Road provide direct access service with the intention of identifying suitable move-on accommodation for clients within two weeks of admission.
The Community properties consists of shared and single units, a total of 38 units,   which will primarily be used as move on from Garforth House and Cemetery Road. Referrals from other commissioned services may be considered.
Shared accommodation: Facilities vary according to the size of the property and are fully furnished.   All have individual bedrooms and shared living accommodation such as lounges, kitchens and bathrooms. The larger shared properties have hand washbasins in the bedrooms and in some instances a small fridge. All clients living in shared facilities will be expected to pay a weekly rental charge for services as a contribution towards electricity, gas, water and community charges.

Single Tenancies: This accommodation is fully furnished and clients have full responsibility for paying for gas, electric, water and community charges. These services will provide clients with ongoing support for up to six months. During this period clients will be supported to secure suitable permanent move-on accommodation that meets the housing and support needs identified through the needs and risk assessment process.

Conditions of Occupancy

Clients at Garforth House are given an Occupancy agreement for either a maximum of 14days or 28 days for Cemetery Road and are required to adhere to the terms, conditions and responsibilities within this.
Clients living in community properties receive a 6 months assured shorthold tenancy agreement to which they are required to adhere to the terms, conditions and responsibilities within this.

Support Services

All clients are allocated a keyworker who co-ordinates mutually agreed needs, risk assessment and individual support plans.  The keyworker meets regularly with clients to make referrals to other agencies such as health, counselling, psychiatric, detox and advocacy services where needed. Where appropriate the service will refer customers to specialist accommodation based or floating support services, for example mental health or substance misuse services. The support planning process should identify a range of appropriate housing options immediately on booking into the service.    In order to ensure that equality of services to all, interpreters are provided for clients whom English is not their first language

Referrals and Initial Assessment

The direct access element of the service will accept placements from the Leeds Housing Options Service during office hours and from the out of hours service outside of these hours.
The resettlement element of the service will accept referrals during office hours by telephone or email and will prioritise vacancies for move on from the direct access element of the service and  from other commissioned services seeking resettlement accommodation.
A robust needs and risk assessment will be completed within 24 hours of a client taking up a placement in the Garforth House service, and within 48 hours of a client moving into the Cemetery Road and Community properties. 

Staff and Management

The service has two teams of workers who are managed by a Scheme Manager and senior housing support worker. Who reports directly to a Senior Manager who is based at the LHC’s Central office and has overall responsibility for the management of the service. The Scheme manager is based at Garforth House and the Senior Housing support worker is based at Cemetery Road.
Garforth House hostel team consists of 2 part time workers and 4 full time housing support workers, 1 full time house keeper and 1 part time house keeper. Garforth also have a designated night worker team who provide night cover.
The community team are based at Cemetery Road and consists of 4 full time workers and 1 part time house keeper who work from 9am -5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am – 4.30 Friday. 


Where a referral request has been refused and the applicant or their referrer is not satisfied with the reasons given, they have the right to appeal the decision. Appeals should be made within 10 working days of receipt of the written decision using the accompanying appeals form. Once received an appeals meeting will be arranged within 5 working days chaired by a Service Manager at which the applicant and their referrer have the opportunity to state why they disagreed with the decision. An appeal decision will then be made within 3 working days of the meeting taking place and communicate to the client and where applicable their referrer. 

Contact Details

Postal Address:
Garforth house: 118 Domestic Street, Leeds LS11 9SG
Telephone: 0113 218 2469
Out of hours: 07816603907
Fax: 0113 245 7258
Men's Sector Community: 94 Cemetery road, Leeds, LS11 8BE
Telephone: 0113 271 1130
Fax: 0113 271 1547
Scheme Manager: Alethia Grierson
Senior Manager:  Sharon Brown