Pennington Place Emergency Hostel for Men

Pennington Place provides 24 hours direct emergency access accommodation for 21 single homeless men with support needs aged 16 and over. This short term furnished accommodation is in a hostel in Woodhouse

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the service is to provide men immediate access to safe emergency accommodation and to move them onto more settled accommodation within 14 days.
This is achieved by:
  • Providing 24 hour staffed, fully furnished, secure, safe and accessible accommodation.
  • A dedicated staff team who have a range of skills, experience and knowledge who are committed to providing support and specialist housing advice to homeless men.
  • A comprehensive support plan package facilitated by dedicated key workers to facilitate the men obtaining more appropriate accommodation.
  • Working cooperatively with Tier 2 supported housing providers, private, social and statutory landlords.
  • Enabling and encouraging individuals to develop skills and strategies to deal with their support issues.


The hostel is situated in the Woodhouse area of Leeds has 21 fully furnished individual bedrooms with a hand washbasin and fridge. The hostel also has 2 kitchens for the sole use of service users, bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets, a laundry room, TV lounge, dining area and pool table. The hostel has one fully disabled access bedroom and bathroom.

Conditions of Occupancy

All clients are required to sign an occupancy agreement and to adhere to the terms, conditions and responsibilities within this. Clients are also required to pay a personal weekly charge, part of which can be covered by housing benefit if the user is eligible to claim this. 

Support Services

Clients are allocated a key worker who works on a regular basis with the individual and other involved agencies. The key worker co-ordinates the needs and risk assessments and develops the support plans and their reviews with the client and any other support agencies involved. The key worker will aim to work with the client as often as is needed and it is acknowledged that initially there may need to be frequent contact that will decrease in time as the presenting housing issues are addressed. 


Accommodation is available to single men aged 16 and over who have been deemed as being emergency homeless by Leeds City Council’s Housing Options Team.
Priority is given to referrals from Housing Options Team (HOT) between the hours of 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Out of hours referrals may be made by other homeless services/providers outside of these hours however the clients will need to attend HOT for a homelessness assessment on the first working day following admission. Referral is usually made by phone and a decision will usually be given immediately after a needs and risk assessment is completed, and a move in time will be given. This will usually be within 2 hours. 


Where a referral request has been refused and the applicant or their referrer is not satisfied with the reasons given, they have a right to appeal the decision. Appeals should be made in writing within 10 working days of receipt of the written decision. Once received an appeals meeting will be arranged within 5 working days chaired by a Senior Manager at which the applicant and their referrer have the opportunity to state why they disagreed with the decision. An appeal decision will be made within 3 working days. 

Staff and Management

The hostel is staffed by a Peripatetic Scheme Manager, 6 Housing Support Workers (days), 4 Night Support Workers and Housekeepers. The Scheme Manager is responsible to a Senior Manager who is based at LHC’s Central Office. The service is available 24 hours a day for referrals and support. 

Contact Details

Postal Address: Pennington Place Hostel, 2 Pennington Place, Leeds, LS6 2JR
Referral/ General Enquiry: 0113 242 8610
Fax: 0113 244 5245
Scheme Manager: Tracy Campbell
Senior Manager: Sharon Brown