Potterdale Community Resource Centre

Potterdale Community Resource Centre aims to meet the support needs of people over 50 living with mental health problems and/or social isolation through day services and community support. Potterdale's ethos is to promote independence, social inclusion and recovery.


  • To promote and increase social inclusion.
  • To promote and maintain independence.
  • To promote and enable recovery.


  • To act as an intermediary between statutory and mainstream services.
  • To encourage clients to find meaningful occupation.
  • To provide and facilitate social activities in partnership with mainstream providers.
  • To support clients to maintain independence.
  • To support clients in devising coping strategies to manage their mental health needs.

The Service

Potterdale operates a building based drop-in at Potterdale Community Resource Centre three days a week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays along with home and community support.
Clients have the option to decide, along with the input of Potterdale staff, how to get the best out of the service so as to facilitate their needs. The overall aim will be to promote the clients inclusion so they may build up confidence to use these services in addition to those of Potterdale and eventually become independent of the Potterdale service.
We aim to achieve this in a variety of ways, for example clients have the option of attending the drop-in with its centre and community based activities and groups or engaging solely in community based activities. The service also assists clients to find other meaningful occupation, for example, volunteering, paid work, joining educational courses, faith groups, art and cultural activities, intergenerational groups etc.
As the majority of our clients are predominantly aged 70+, the monitoring of physical health issues is paramount. The staff team ensures that health needs are not neglected and will accompany service users to GP, hospital and other health care appointments until users are confident with attending appointments independently. 

Support Services

All clients are allocated a key worker who co-ordinates mutually agreed support packages with the service user and other involved agencies/carers. Regular meetings ensure that a comprehensive package of individually planned care and support is available to each client that that are regularly reviewed and that appropriate referrals are made to other appropriate agencies. 


Referrals are welcome from professionals, carers or the person seeking the service. Referrals can be made by contacting Potterdale on 0113 270 8673. A series of questions will be asked to determine the person’s suitability and needs. A decision can usually be made there and then, however, if further information is needed this will be gathered by liaison with other professionals working with the person (subject to permission being granted) and an interview when the person comes to look around the service. A date will be set for an assessment of the person’s needs and any potential risk issues and they will be invited to Potterdale to evaluate the service for themselves. A letter confirming their acceptance will then be sent to them and the referrer. 


Where a referral request has been refused and the applicant or their referrer is not satisfied with the reasons given, they have a right to appeal the decision. Appeals should be made in writing within 10 working days of receipt of the written decision. Once received an appeals meeting will be arranged within 5 working days chaired by a Senior Manager at which the applicant and their referrer have the opportunity to state why they disagreed with the decision. An appeal decision will be made within 3 working days. 

Staff and Management

The staff team consists of a Scheme Manager and three Community Support Workers. The Scheme Manager reports to a Senior Manager who is based at LHC’s Central Office. 

Contact Details

Postal Address: Potterdale, 192 Dewsbury Road, Leeds LS11 6ER
Referrals / General Enquiries: 0113 270 8673
Fax: 0110 2708316
Scheme Manager: Brian Garbett
Senior Manager: Lesley Sendall-Long